carrots and apples don’t go together. I repeat: carrots and apples don’t go together. save yourself. don’t follow my example.

Anonymous inquired: I just saw that post about what you'd like to see less of, and while I'm aware that you aren't the OP I'd still like to know what you want to see more of in terms of plot.



Right now I’m really into Asian-American lit (I’m currently reading books by Ellen Oh and Jean Kwok!) but hrrm

  • Bi/Pan/etc characters who fall for someone of a certain gender but REMAIN bi/pan/etc instead of “turning straight” or “turning gay”
  • an all-PoC cast. It could either be totally diverse with different characters of different colors or it could be all-Black, all-Latinx, all-Asian,etc
  • Stories about PoC that are not entirely about their culture. I mean, stories about heritage are great but literally the ONLY books I see about PoC focus on heritage, sometimes I just need a Taiwanese witch whose whole story isn’t about “~balancing different cultures~” or “fulfilling the American Dream”
  • Stories where the sexual tension/romance between two characters isn’t blatant or VERY OBVIOUS that they’re gonna hook up. I’d like LOTS of focus on their platonic friendship first AND then easing into their romantic relationship
  • more nonbinary characters
  • more biracial characters where “biracial” doesn’t mean “white/poc”
  • A LOVE INTEREST THAT ISN’T WHITE. Like i’m super. super. super super tired that every time a poc has a love interest, they’re almost always white. can you not.
  • Female protagonists that aren’t either a) cold, tough, rude for the sake of it (even when IT FUCKING DEPENDS ON PEOPLE’S LIVES TO BE POLITE SHE STILL HAS TO BE SARCASTIC AND BITTER) “strong” (as in gets into fights etc etc) female characters; or b) shy quiet “nerdy” but still conventionally attractive special snowflakes
  • Just write female characters as ya know PEOPLE
  • there’s lots of other things but i can’t think of it right now


heyyy, the manuscript/series I’m working on has pretty much all of this!

All Around You [Guardianbee]

Why is their tag dead…why…

omg I’ve never watched Now You See Me before but holy shit that ending.

A bunch of white people framing a black guy for all the crimes they’ve committed and getting away with it because the black guy had the gall to prize money over the “sanctity” of magic tricks and work with authorities.

J E S U S.

Fifth installment :’D You can also read it here: (x)


“Gaius!” Lissa whined as she approached her friend, her brows scrunched up into her forehead and pink lips twisted into a pout, “Could you please help me make some food for a picnic tomorrow?”

“Picnic, princess?” Gaius smiled, offering her one of the spare caramel chews wedged in his pockets, “Why’s this the first time I’m hearing about it?”

“It’s a surprise for Sully!” Lissa exclaimed as she snatched the caramel from his hand, the worry previously etched into her face fading away. He was always bemused by how drastically her mood improved at the prospect of some sweet or another. It was kind of like looking into a mirror, “She’s been cooped up in the castle for the last couple of months cause of the pregnancy, and Chrom wants her to get some fresh air away from town.

"So, like a good little princess and sister,” Lissa puffed out her chest, standing on the backs of her heels, “I volunteered to make the food, but I didn’t realize how much work it’s going to be! And I don’t want to ask Robin for help because she’s still moving all her stuff into Vaike’s place and they’re coming too, so they’re all expecting me to –”

“Sure, I’ll help,” Gaius interrupted, shrugging, “Just as long as we whip up a little something sweet on the side.”

Lissa clapped her hands at his response, her eyes shining, “Of course! No picnic’s complete without dessert! Sully’s really been craving cakes for the last week or so. We can look over all the recipes in the spare kitchen and do all the prep work today; then make everything in the morning so it’s fresh and ready to go!”

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"It is always like this!”

"Told ya."

Title: Overdose

Artist: Ciara


Overdose by Ciara

this is honestly still one of my fave songs on the planet.

"You mean like change the debate? Make it about being awesome, empowered girls?"

"Isn’t that where real beauty comes from?"

things that happened today:

Life Breaks New Ground - [Raven Queen]

First time editing Ever After High, and it was super fun! Raven is a great protagonist and a fantastic role model. Definitely gonna edit her more and the rest of the cast in the future.