I was looking for fonts recently and fell in love with many, so I figured I’d compile all my favorites. Some of them require a tweet or Facebook post to download. All credit goes to their respective makers. 


my dad’s watching Breaking Dawn: Part 2 right now and is asking me a bunch of questions like why is Jacob hanging around Bella’s kid all the time and why do the other vampires want to kill Bella’s baby and I’m actually touched that he thinks I know any of this (even though most my knowledge of Twilight is approximate after Book 1) but at the same time I’m like “okay…but why are YOU watching this?”

and he kind of just turned his head away from me and mumbled, “there’s nothing else on, leave me alone.”

my dad is such an insecure baby omg.

All to Myself [Jasmine/Shawn]

For a vidding tournament! Also Jashawn’s theme song basically, haha.


✿ I have 5 million incomplete KH arts so I’m gonna try and clean them up and actually post them!!! Have a quick Princess!Kairi and Knight!Sora to begiinnn \(▰˘◡˘▰)/ 

"That was a true fairytale moment. I have found my prince!"

From the way people have been reacting to Chapter 50, I thought Ueno had practically killed somebody this time. But…it honestly wasn’t that bad at all, given the way she acts and thinks in this chapter is hardly on par with what happened between her and Nishiyama a few chapters ago.

In her flashback, she misconstrues Nishiyama’s acts of kindness as Nishiyama liking Ishida, which is very much a common misconception for her age. The phrase: “if he picks on you, he likes you!” is practically global at this point, and while it’s unhealthy to perpetuate (given that it can contribute to girls falling prey to abusive relationships later on in life), a twelve year old would know no better. Ueno is realistically jealous at her impressionable age, and lashes out because, like all of the other students in her class, finds Nishiyama an acceptable target for her aggression. Add to the fact that she suspects Ishida likes Nishiyama (even if it’s not the case), and it slowly becomes a personal vendetta.

I am disappointed that the mangaka went this route, however. For a story that had been doing its best to not fall into the typical shounen/shojo clichés, this is by far one of the worst ones it could have used. It’s also especially unrealistic when Ueno hadn’t made an effort to contact Ishida in the five years following their elementary schooldays – why would she like him just as much as she did then? It’s reasonable for her to feel guilty and regret that she went along with Shimada’s successful attempts at sabotage, but for her to so easily like him again, even with all the changes that she’s actively protested against? I find that a bit far-fetched and too melodramatic, considering Ueno’s arc and development has consistently revolved around not envy, but pride.

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❝Stars, hide your fires; Let not light see my black and deep desires.❞
–William Shakespeare, Macbeth  (via greeneyesandemeraldlies)

"Okay, I can do this. Grandpa has been trying to teach me focus since I was eight. Breathe, he’d say. Breathe…and be."