"It is always like this!”

"Told ya."

Title: Overdose

Artist: Ciara


Overdose by Ciara

this is honestly still one of my fave songs on the planet.

"You mean like change the debate? Make it about being awesome, empowered girls?"

"Isn’t that where real beauty comes from?"

things that happened today:

Life Breaks New Ground - [Raven Queen]

First time editing Ever After High, and it was super fun! Raven is a great protagonist and a fantastic role model. Definitely gonna edit her more and the rest of the cast in the future.

made for each other.

My anxiety was so bad today; I really had to pull myself together so I didn’t have a breakdown in the staff lounge. None of my calming methods were working and every little conversation or task flared it up. I’m still have a hard time calming down right now….

❝Don’t allow your wounds to transform you into someone you’re not.❞
–Paulo Coelho, Aleph (via quotethat)


The amazing amberarden as ” Snowbafett”

 She was such a doll!


When I went to play Fire Emblem on my break today, I was so thrilled to discover it was Owain’s birthday! He’s probably my favorite second gen baby besides Laurent and Noire, so I wrote a little fic for his special day. Enjoy!


Owain was sitting on the outskirts of the camp when Cynthia found him, a small package tucked behind her back. He was oddly quiet as she approached; usually, he talked to himself during Missiletainn’s daily polishing, jubilantly announcing to the world how he, with such a ‘profound sword of legend,’ would be unstoppable on the battlefield, feared by all who knew his name.

And even if it was a fake (as Laurent was so quick to point out to the others), Cynthia believed him.

When Owain finally looked up and noticed Cynthia, he smiled and his eyes softened, “Hey there, sweet pea. What brings you to my humble dwelling?”

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