So the reason Mashiba probably loves revenge dramas and wants to play one out as its main character - image

is because he was bullied as a child and uses these films as a form of escapism, tempering his base impulses.


Meanwhile, he might also want to be a teacher to make sure the children under his care (like his friends’ children) -


don’t go through the same problems he did. And if he does see a child being bullied,


he will do everything in his power to discipline the bullies involved.



All the while, reassuring the victim everything will be fine.


And this was told in a little under ten pages! Hot damn, Yoshitoki Oima sure knows how to take advantage of her medium. Especially when you take into account that his design, facial expressions, and personality are similar to that of Shimada’s - Ishida’s former friend/tormentor. He’s a popular senior, charming, easygoing…Oima seems to have intentionally set this up to deceive the reader, so that this reveal could be both jarring and satisfactory. It adds another dimension to this story and re-emphasizes the theme that people use their past to redefine and shape who they are - who they want and choose to be.

I’m about to critique a manga that virtually no one knows/talks about (outside of Japan, I guess), but I got Volume 9 in the mail the other day and I need to let off some of the steam that I’ve accumulated since my initial reading.

While I adore Afterschool Charisma, and find both the concept and characters compelling (and the artwork is just gorgeous), I believe it over complicates simple, philosophical ideals, to the point that both sides of the cloning debate sound pseudo-intellectual. Especially in regards to the overall question of the manga itself: are clones different from their originals? And the answer is quite obviously yes. A clone is different because, while they have the same genetics as their original, they cannot replicate the experiences and environment (location, social class, familial ties, time period, current worldly events, etc.) the original was raised in. It is because of the original’s experiences and environment, more so than their natural abilities, that allows most of the greats to be great in the first place.

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Burn, Burn [Harry/Kara]

Super proud of this one, especially the masks :’D

I’m stuck.

I really have no idea how to move forward with my life other than to go to grad school. But in order to go to grad school while paying off my loans, I need enough money to pack up and move. And I certainly don’t want to keep piling on the loans - that’s just not an option at the moment. And being a teacher’s aid won’t pay for everything, especially if I get accepted to my first choice, San Francisco State. The cost of living is hella high over there, even more so than LA in some places.

I’m writing my novel, but I keep fearing that I’m not going to get an agent, that I won’t find a publisher. Then I’ll be back at square one, and I can’t afford that at all. Which is why I’m kind of stalling writing the last half of it. I’m really afraid of finishing it, editing it, and then getting zero interest when I send it out. Especially when I receive so much positive feedback from fellow writers and editors. I’m just afraid that my style, my story isn’t what the market is looking for, or that it’s the kind of story no one will take a risk on.

I’ve also been thinking about freelancing online, but looking through the hundreds upon hundreds of new jobs every day is so fucking daunting. And each job usually gets an average of twenty proposals, all with people with prior experience and a well-established base. How the hell am I supposed to start out when so many are already ahead of the game? I mean, hopefully my writing can speak for me, but usually new freelancers have to make do with small projects at crap rates. And I feel like I can do better than a client who wants four,1,500 articles for a total of 50 dollars.

Looking for a stable job has also been killer. I really dislike my current job, but I’m afraid quitting isn’t the answer. Not at least until I find another reasonable source of income. I found a few jobs at Riot Games I’m actually qualified for, since they’re looking for people with an Anthropology degree and office experience. But, shit. What are the chances of me getting a job at such a company like that, when so many older and more experienced are looking over the same opportunities?

I don’t know. I really don’t. I know I can’t crawl into a hole and avoid it all, but that’s all I want to do. Maybe cleaning the house will make me feel better. And the least I can do today is fix up my cover letter and make my resume a little more presentable for a gaming company.

How to be a Heartbreaker [Boilingwatershipping/Shuuran]

Eh, just felt like sharing since both tags are pretty much dead…

Reviewer: When are you updating?

Me: Never :'D

"The thing you loved about that car, the thing that made her special…that came from inside of you. "

I want to scorch the whole of my soul
Until it’s brightly ablaze
Until every piece of bone
And every course of blood
Is soaked in gold
And drenched in fire

So to end this drought
To jolt back
Into life
This heart of dirt
And unyielding ice.

okay I had to get this out of my system because I’ve wanted the new blue roll and spin transitions for. so. long.